Claims and Silly shit [11 Nov 2027|08:37pm]
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SIT WITH US [03 Apr 2011|08:46pm]
Hello everyone. I have one ticket for the Korean Music Festival available. For those not knowing where it is and when it's held at the Hollywood Bowl on April 30th, 2011.

I have tickets to the third best tickets in the house on the first tier of seating. What does that mean? Sexy view.
My seats were ramp in 2007
I didn't have to use my zoom setting for that picture :]

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OH GOD. OH GOD. [13 Jul 2010|01:16pm]
So. I had a rename token. And I used it.

jongwoon is totally now chanbanana

LOL Jay fans. [05 Jul 2010|08:02am]
I just got a real butthurt Jay fan messaging me on LJ. I posted a theory on omona_lounge earlier:

I over-speculate into this, but I really think Jay was involved in the same drug scandal as Joo Jihoon back in April 2009. Jay said he did something "real srs biz" back around the Again and Again promotions. Joo Jihoon and like 6 others got busted back in 2009 for their drug scandal, and they mentioned there were other celebrities involved :X.

I get not one but TWO whiny emails telling me that I'm wrong, and a reliable source said he didn't do drugs, impregnate a girl, or anything like that. It was a "contract" problem and links me to a shitty formspring. LOLOLOLOL Reliable source that's close to Jay, JYPE, and 2PM. Right. Sure.

So until Jay actually speaks up I can assume Jay knocked up 3 girls at a time, smoked crack, and beat up Wooyoung for cheating on him with Nichkhun. I DON'T BUY ANYBODY'S CRAP.

*A slight disclaimer. I am and always will be a fan of Jay. But seriously, don't take things too seriously :|.

Frickin A [14 May 2010|07:52pm]
I really hate that I spent a few minutes making something.

For it to be completely jacked within hours. :| It's a stupid icon, but seriously? Jackin' my style.

It's not a way to earn brownie points with me. :|

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