zomg. [02 May 2010|03:10am]


[25 Apr 2010|03:08pm]
in cali with kyuhyun :D :D :D

[SELLING] 2 Ramp box tickets available [12 Apr 2010|11:24pm]
Hello everyone. I have two tickets for the Korean Music Festival available. For those not knowing where it is and when it's held at the Hollywood Bowl on May 1st, 2010.

I have tickets to the third best tickets in the house on the first tier of seating. What does that mean? Sexy view.
My seats were ramp in 2007
I didn't have to use my zoom setting for that picture :]

Follow the cutCollapse )

Edit April 16, 2010:
Sale in progress for the tickets :]. Will edit again when the sale goes through. w00tw00t!

Edit April 19, 2010:

Korean Music Festival 2008 [28 May 2008|09:44pm]
Ah. Korean Music Festival. Even though it was almost two weeks ago it seems like it was yesterday. I had a grand ole time!

Unlike the psychostalkerfans SUPER DEVOTED FANZ, I sat around in my hotel room majority of the day leading up to the bowl watching dramas on mbc. So while I missed out on wondering just how many hamburgers Changmin could fit in that black hole of a stomach of his, following guys in the bathrooms wondering if popstars really do shit golden bricks, and of course I can never compete to people seeing my Yesungie SMOKING OH NO. Hell I can't even believe I missed out on Junsu and Tiffany conviently standing side by side at a shopping center when the cameras clicked. Gosh, however will I get over it :(. </sarcasm> However I got better pictures than a lot of people sitting in pool circle. While yes, you can just BREAAAAAATHEEEEE in Yunho's sweaty dead skin cells a little better than I could, I have MEMORIES.

Yes, they're watermarked, but they're good quality :).

Part. 1 - Junsu + Gospel ChoirCollapse )
Part. 2 - Super Junior - t + YesungCollapse )
Part 3. ChaeyeonCollapse )
Part 4. Moon HeejunCollapse )
Part 5. Jung HoonheeCollapse )
Part 6. Shin JunghyunCollapse )
Part 7. Lee MinwooCollapse )

incomplete. being updated currently!!!

Ugh. [26 May 2008|02:27pm]
I decided while babysitting. I kind of want to die. And the sick thing is that it's been on my mind for a fucking week now.

I don't like the fact that people lie about things. Expecially things close to my heart.

it took me too long to write this message. and in the end i ended up pressing no, dont save to drafts, and closed my phone.

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